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Volume 2 (July 1994)

H. Löser & U. Kienel : Die Korallenfauna des Kassenberges in Mülheim/Ruhr (Westfälisches Kreidebecken; NW-Deutschland). 1: Geologie und Palökologie

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Part 1 of the monograph outlines the geological exploration of the Kassenberg quarry in Mülheim-Broich, access to which has become difficult, and shows the site in several profiles (some of them reconstructed). Possible sedimentation cycles from the Lower Ceno-manian to the Upper Turonian are described and the state of palaeontological research is documented. The stratigraphic results are supplemented by an evaluation of selected nannofossils. A reconstruction of the Cenomanian facies, habitat and sedimentation of the Kassenberg site is attempted with the aid of studies conducted on Mediterranean abrasion platforms. The partly coloured plates present photos (some of them historical ones) of the fossil site and pictures of striking similarity showing Mediterranean abrasion coasts.

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