Indication and orderform for periodicals and books

Valid from January, 1, 2016

Publication Journals and books are published at irregular intervals.
Prices Each volume is priced individually. For the prices please compare to: Given prices are in Euro (€). Discounts according to our new pricing system for buyers from outside Germany. Postage & package not included. V.A.T. (EU) included. No discount on single copies for booksellers.
Subscriptions Yes, they are possible (25% discount), also for back issues.
  • Inside the Euro zone: the goods are dispatched with an invoice. Payment by bank transfer.
  • Outside the Euro zone: on a pro forma basis by remittance. Take care to pay all bank fees. We do not deliver the goods if they are not fully paid.
  • Through PayPal (add 5% fee).
  • We do not accept cheques because of the high fees the bank withhold.
  • We do not accept credit cards anymore.
  • Email :
  • Postal mail : CPress Verlag, Max-Schwarze-Str. 36, D-01257 Dresden, Germany
  • Fax : +49 (0) 3212 1007315.

Some customers complained that emails were not replied and it turned out that they never arrived. The service of our provider includes a spam and virus filter. Suspect mails are discarded without any notice, or let's say, we have not the time to read all this long lists with rejected mails. So if you will not receive a reply within a few days, try again or send a fax.


1 October 2016