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Volume 7 (January 2002)

S. Schröder, H. Löser, K. Oekentorp (Ed.) : Commemorative volume to celebrate Dr. Dieter Weyer's 65th birthday. Contributions to Coral Research.

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Laudatio and Bibliography

Marie Coen-Aubert Nouvelles espèces du genre Phillipsastrea D'ORBIGNY, 1849 près de la limite Givetien-Frasnien dans le Tafilalt et le Ma'der au Maroc et notes sur des types espagnols

Viktor Nikolaevich Dubatolov Evolution of tabulate assemblages and paleobiogeography around the Frasnian-Famennian boundary

Santiago Falces & Sergio Rodríguez Occurrence of reworked specimens of the rugose coral genus Sychnoelasma in the Guadiato valley (Serpukhovian, SW Spain)

Arnost Galle & Yves Plusquellec Systematics, morphology, and paleobiogeography of Lower Devonian tabulate coral epibionts: Hyostragulidae fam. nov. on hyolithids

Jindrich Hladil, Petr Pruner, Daniela Venhodová, Tatjana Hladilová & Otakar Man Toward an exact age of Middle Devonian Celechovice corals - Past problems in biostratigraphy and present solutions complemented by new magnetosusceptibility measurements

Bernhard Hubmann Palaeozoic corals in Austria: state of knowledge after 150 years of research

Jürgen Kullmann Critical intervals in the evolution of Late Carboniferous Ammonoids

Vytautas L. Leleshus & Klemens Oekentorp Schischkat (Mittelasien) - Eines der reichsten Fundgebiete unterdevonischer mariner Wirbelloser der Welt

Hannes Löser The Mesozoic corals of the Tohoku University Museum (Sendai, Japan) - an overview

Andreas May Bisher noch nicht bekannte Stromatoporen aus dem Pragium (Unterdevon) von Koneprusy (Böhmen)

Alan E.H. Pedder New systematic and biostratigraphic data concerning the Breviphyllidae (Lower Devonian Rugosa) of Nevada

Edouard Poty Interstitial tabellae: a new type of tabellae developed between highly thickened septa in Rugosa

Stefan Schröder Rugose Korallen aus dem hohen Givetium und tiefen Frasnium (Devon) des Messinghäuser Sattels (Rheinisches Schiefergebirge/Sauerland)

James E. Sorauf & André Freiwald Skeletal structure in the rugosan genus Calophyllum from Permian strata of Timor: Comparison with the living deep water coral Lophelia pertusa

Francisco Soto & Wei-Hua Liao Laccophyllidae GRABAU, 1928 (Rugosa) from the Hongguleleng Formation (Devonian: Lower Famennian) at the northwestern margin of Junggar Basin (Northern Xinjiang, NW China)

Gregory E. Webb & John S. Jell A new species of Palaeacis from Western Australia

Tomasz Wrzolek Siphonophrentidae (Rugosa) in the Devonian of Poland

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