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Volume 1 (October 1996)

Hannes Thiergärtner (Ed.) : Progress in geoinformatics

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  • G. Hartema, H.-P. Noll, J.-C. Pulido & I. Wolff : Computerised Preliminary Evaluation of Former Industrial Sites Suspected of Contamination with the Aid of a Geographical Information System
  • M. Burmester, W. Mörtl & T. Wegner : Selected GIS - Functions for the building of residual pollution cadaster
  • S. Kübler : GIS-based Analysis of Contaminations in the Range of Coke-plants
  • H. Thiergärtner : Conception of a local environmental information system in Berlin districts using PC-G.I.S.
  • C. Kuhn, H. Opitz & H. Mrozik : Pilot study "Spezialized information system Groundwater"
  • H. Löser & L. Beauvais : Data banks on morphological data in palaeontology - methodology of structure design and the application by means of the data bank SCLERACT
  • J. Kullmann : Fields of the application of Palaeontological Information Systems

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