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Volume 3 (April 1999)

Hannes Thiergärtner (Ed.) : Mathematical methods applied to environmental investigations

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  • A. H. Schumann : Utilization of probability weighted moments for regionalization of statistical distribution func-tions for floods
  • M. Fuchs : Univariate-geostatistical evaluation of selected results of a multivariate pollutant study in the Mulde riverplains of Bitterfeld
  • M. Fuchs : Use of multivariate statistical methods to investi-gate the origin of pollutants in the Mulde river-plains of Bitterfeld
  • H. Thiergärtner : Multivariate pattern recognition analysis applied to geo-ecological areal classification in Berlin
  • W. Goldammer, A. Nüsser, E. Bütow & H.-P. Lühr : Integrated assessment of radiological and non-radiological risks at contaminated sites
  • M. Kanevski, V. Demyanov, S. Chernov, E. Savelieva, A. Serov, V. Timonin & M. Maignan : Geostat office for environmental and pollution spatial data analysis
  • K. Pollmer & M. Eckart : Description of reaction and transport processes in the zone of aeration of mine dumps
  • M. Eckart & V. Dunger : Waterbalance model of the zone of aeration for optimization of randfill-covers using the models AERA and BOWAHALD-3D

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