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Volume 4 (September 1999)

Hannes Thiergärtner (Ed.) : Progress in geoinformatics

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  • H. Thiergärtner : Integrant effects of mathematical geology: an editorial
  • W. Skala & R. Prissang : Iterative geological modelling
  • J. Menz : Research results of the geomodelling and their importance
  • H. Löser : Estimation of palaeontological data
  • A. Szymanski : Reconstruction and simulation of geological structures
  • C. Hinze, H.-G. Sobisch & H. H. Voß : Spatial modelling in geology and its practical use
  • R. Prissang, E. Spyridonos & K.-R. Frentrup : Computer assisted 3D modelling and planning for the cement industry of El Salvador
  • E. Manutsoglu, V. Jacobshagen, E. Spyridonos & W. Skala : Geological 3D-modelling of the Plattenkalk group, western Crete (Preliminary results)
  • E. Spyridonos, U. F. Dornsiepen, E. Manutsoglu & R. Prissang : Geological 3D-modelling of the volcanic island of Santorini (Thera)
  • K. D. Aurada : Earth surface systems as complementary (evolving and responding) geosystems. Example: Baltic Sea area
  • S. Unverzagt : Investigations on the changing volumes of aperiodic oscillating oxygen conditions in the basins of the Baltic proper
  • P. Döll, F. Kaspar & J. Alcamo : Computation of global water availability and water use at the scale of large drainage basins
  • H. Thiergärtner : Hierarchical numerical classification at different decision levels applied to evaluation of industrial sites contaminated in the past

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