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Volume 5 (August 2000)

Joachim Menz (Ed.) : Applied geostatistics in mining, geology, geophysics, geodesy and environmental protection

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  • J. Menz : Research work about "Integrated mine sur-veying - geological data analysis and predic-tion based on geostatistical assumptions", sup-ported by the LEIBNIZ program of the German Research Council (DFG), tasks, results and their importance
  • A. Röttig, F. Tonn, D. Tzscharschuch & H.-J. Wendel : SAFARI - an expanded geostatistical software
  • H. Moritz : Least-squares collocation
  • J. Menz & S. Bian : Collocation: a synonym of Kriging in geodesy
  • T. Hillmann : Estimation of the model parameters for geo-statistical prediction
  • J. Menz, D. Stoyan & N. Kolesnikov : A method for estimating variogram parameters in the presence of trends
  • J. Menz : Local changes of quasi-geoid, deduced from torsions balance data using geostatistical inte-gration, differentiation and combination; with an introduction to physical geodesy
  • R. Lehmann : On the allocation and assessment of absolute values for geoid determination using torsion balance measurements
  • St. Knospe : The geological model and local gravity - a description of local variations of geoid undu-lation in a test area
  • J. Menz & K. Wälder : Deterministic and stochastic network design for the measurement of altitude, dips and slopes
  • N. Kolesnikov : Inference and use of structure information for the selection of gradients to describe surface variability in space
  • K. Wälder : Exploration and exploiting strategies in potash mining
  • S. Lindner & K. Kardel : How accurate are geochemical maps?
  • M. Jäkel : Geostatistical modelling of the second Miocene brown coal seam horizon by the help of gradient kriging
  • M. Menz & K. Wälder : Calculating exceeding probabilities by conditional simulation or by indicator kriging ?

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