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Volume 6 (August 2002)

Hannes Thiergärtner (Ed.) : Mathematical methods and data bank application in palaeontology

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  • R. A. Reyment, A. M. T. Elewa : Size and shape variation in Egyptian Eocene Loxoconcha (Ostracoda) studied by morphometric methods: a methodological study
  • H. Löser : The paleobiogeography of Post-Palaezoic corals analyzed by methods independent of taxonomy
  • N. MacLeod : Testing evolutionary hypotheses with adaptive landscapes: Use of random phylogenetic-morphological simulation studies
  • P.S. Kullmann, J.Kullmann : PaleoWeb - Integrated access to distributed heterogeneous paleontological databases
  • H. Löser : Presentation of an universal minimum data structure for taxonomic, geographic and stratigraphic data in paleontology
  • I. Raufuss : Database and GIS based analysis of distributional areas for mammalian communities
  • O. Dietl : Registration od systematic and stratigraphies as well as inventory of paleontological data by the computer
  • K.Henßel, D. U. Schmid, R.R. Leinfelder : Computer-based 3D reconstructions in paleontology using serial sections

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