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Volume 7 (December 2003)

Hannes Thiergärtner (Ed.) : Mathematical methods applied to geology and mining

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All articles in English, except Richter / Richter & Stapelfeldt (in German).

  • Hans Bandemer & Reno Fiedler : A fuzzy approach to pattern cognition in a geological environment. Part I. Methodological foundation
  • Reno Fiedler, Hans Bandemer, Alois Schreiber & Anselm Kühl : A fuzzy approach to pattern cognition in a geological environment. Part II. A case study
  • Susanne Unverzagt : Frequency of low oxygen conditions in the Baltic Sea and their implications for sediment depositional processes
  • Antal Füst : Geostatistical analyses for the exploration of a nuclear waste deposit in Hungary. A case study
  • Jacek Pyra : Anomalies in arsenic and heavy metal content in soil of the Przemków commune (SW part of Poland) analysed by geostatistics
  • Barbara Namyslowska-Wilczyñska & Katarzyna Rusak : Geostatistical description of heavy metal content variations in soil of the Olkusz region against the geologically structured background analysed by GIS methods
  • Hannes Thiergärtner : Non geostatistical predictions depending on the type of spatial metal distribution applied to ore deposits in Saxony and Thuringia (Germany)
  • Andrea Cappelli, Maurizio Violo & Fabrizio Zomparelli : The commercial characterisation of ornamental stones through the use of multivariate statistics: the Roman travertine case study
  • Rüdiger Richter : Mathematical contribution to the measuring of permanent pillars in potash mining
  • Márkus László & József Kovács : On the effects of water extraction of mines in karstic areas
  • Rüdiger Richter & Frank Stapelfeldt : Steel ball grinding seen as stochastic process - Investigations of the repetition dispersion sphere of impact frequency measurements in a model steel ball mill

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