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Volume 8 (withdrawn by the former editor)

Mathematical Geology - Origin, State, Outlook (IAMG since 1968)

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Preliminary list of articles (all contributions in English)

  • Hannes THIERGÄRTNER: Some remarks on mathematical geology.
  • E. H. Timothy WHITTEN: A half century of mathematical geology - the new threshold.
  • Frederic P. AGTERBERG: Time, concepts and mathematics in geology.
  • Richard B. MCCAMMON: On Aspects of Scientific Uncertainty.
  • T. V. LOUDON: Knowledge-based systems and geological survey.
  • J. W. HARBAUGH, Dan MERRIAM, Jorgina A. ROSS: Hillshade mapping of the fine-scale crustal fracture system in Kansas.
  • Richard A. REYMENT: Aspects of applied morphometrics.
  • Hannes THIERGÄRTNER: Are Multivariate-Heuristical Models Suitable to Investigate Scantily Explored Groundwater Contaminations?
  • Václav NEMEC: Behind the Curtain of the IAMG History: East- West Contacts.

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