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Volume 2 (October 1996)

J. Ansorge : Insekten aus dem oberen Lias von Grimmen (Norddeutschland)

ISBN 3-931689-00-X

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A diverse insect fauna is described from the Upper Liassic clay pit of Klein Lehmhagen near Grimmen (North Germany). Insects are preserved in calcareous concretions which are intercalated in marine clays of the Lower Toarcian (ammonite zone of Harpoceras falciferum). 1,200 determinable remains are systematically described and assigned to the Odonata, Plecoptera, Grylloblattida, Saltatoria, Phasmatodea, Homoptera, Psocoptera, Thysanoptera, Neuroptera, Mecoptera, Lepidoptera and Diptera. In addition, Ephemeroptera, Blattodea, Heteroptera, Coleorrhyncha, Coleoptera and Trichoptera were recorded. Of the 77 insect species described in this study 27 are new, and 11 new genera as well as four new families have been established. The description required a revision of older type material of HANDLIRSCH and BODE from the Upper Liassic of Dobbertin and Braunschweig, and type material from the Mesozoic of Asia originally described by Russian authors. Numerous families are recorded in the European Liassic for the first time: 41 of the 91 insect species from Grimmen are also known from other Upper Liassic localities in Europe. The study revealed that the insect faunas in the Upper Liassic of Central Europe [Grimmen, Dobbertin, Braunschweig, Kerkhofen (Germany), Baschar age (Luxembourg)] and England are very similar. Differences exist in the distribution of the Homoptera-Auchenorrhyncha between Grimmen, on the one hand, and Dobbertin and Braunschweig, on the other.

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