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Volume 3 (September 1994)

H. Löser : La faune corallienne du mont Kassenberg à Mülheim/Ruhr (Bassin crétacé de Westphalie; Nord Ouest de l.Allemagne). 2: Paléontologie

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Part 2 of the monograph deals with the corals found at the Kassenberg site. The relatively small fauna of a pronounced Jurassic character comprises about 40 species of hermatypic corals belonging to 29 genera of both Hexacorallia and Octocorallia. A comparison with type material from the Cretaceous in France, Saxony (Germany), Austria, Slovenia, Serbia, the Czech Republic and from the Jurassic in Poland and Romania augments the existing knowledge of some species and genera. The families Stylinidae and Haplaraeidae and the genera Acrosmilia, Adelocoenia, Epistreptophyllum and Mixastraea are dealt with in detail. In the concluding chapter, the coral fauna is compared - both geographically and stratigraphically - with other coral faunas of the Lower to Middle Cretaceous.

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