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Volume 4 (December 1995)

I. Abdel-Gawad, M. Gameil, H. Löser & M. Raeder : Cretaceous and Palaeocene Corals from Greece and Egypt

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  • I. Abdel-Gawad & M. Gameil: Cretaceous and Palaeocene Coral Faunas in Egypt and Greece. - From ten localities in Egypt (Sinai and Western Desert; Albian to Palaeocene) and seven localities in Greece (Boeotia and Macedonia; Aptian to Campanian) 75 species in 52 genera of both Scleractinia and Octocorallia are described. Because of the partially poor preservation of the material and the prob-lems of coral systematics in general, half of the species were only determined generically. For this reason it is difficult to consider the relationships to other Cretaceous coral faunas. Only eight species from the Cretaceous in Egypt and 14 species from the Cretaceous in Greece are known from other localities outside these regions.
  • H. Löser & M. Raeder: Aptian/Albian coral assemblages of the Helicon Mountains (Boeotia, Greece): palaeontological, palaeoecolo-gical and palaeogeographical aspects. - Four coral assemblages are reported from Aptian and Albian trans-gressive depo-sits in the Helicon Mountains (Boeotia, Greece). Their origin and composition are discussed. 88 species in 33 genera of the order Scleractinia are briefly described, of which 56 species are already known from other Cretaceous faunas. 32 species were determined only generically. The stratigraphical and geographical relations of the assemblages to other faunas from the Cretaceous of Eurasia are discussed in detail.

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