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Volume 8 (December 2006)

H. Hanske & H. Löser : Annotated Bibliography on Extant Corals (1758-2002)

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The coral bibliography includes literature published between 1758 and 2002 on all aspects of extant corals (scleractinia as well as octocorallia and hydrozoa with a calcified skeleton; e.g. includes species of Millepora, Heliopora and Tubipora). The database encompasses 9,232 literary references on biology, morpholoy, variation, taxonomy, distribution, settlement, recruitment, calcification, chemical processes, evolution, ecology, coral associates, palaeontologic comparisons, including dissertations, theses and abstracts. The entries are full indexed according to

  • the geographic area (50 areas are distinguished),
  • the contents of the publication (45 topics),
  • a list of (5300) headwords generated from the titles (translated into English when necessary).
The bibliography was published as electronic version on CD with an explanation as paper version. The CD includes the database, and a comfortable search program (including a electronic map for regional search). Only for W (not tested with WV). No version for MAC or Linux available !
More details on the bibliography and database.

What is the difference to other bibliographies ?

  1. The bibliography is the most complete ever published.
  2. The bibliography encompasses also abtracts and thesis.
  3. The bibliography is annotated. Using the search program you can specify very detailed your demands (for instance, 'pollution in the Gulf of Mexico', 'Papers by X on DNA stuff', 'Heliopora as aquarium animal'). The headword list helps you also to search articles which were originally not published in English under very special aspects (find everything on 'drilling', 'mucus', 'filaments').
  4. The search program can import updated versions of the database without extra costs. Depending on the demand, interest and help by authors, the compilation of the bibliography will be continued in the future.

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